Cordless Vacuum Cleaner S1 Special
Tornado System | Super Long Battery Life
Lightweight | Hight Effect
Suction Power
Long Battery
File the amazing beauty in enthusiastic red
In spite of classic dignity and nobleness,ROIDMI never lacks
passion with blazing agate red.Making it not only a vacuum tool,but works of art.
Six International Awards
German IF Design
Award 2018
German Red Dot
Award 2018
Japan GOOD
DFA Design for
Asia Awards
Good Design
Taihu Technology
Award 2018
270° Handle & 1.5kg Lightweight
Lightweight design allows all the cleaning finished with afade free suction
270-degree ergonomic handle gives a gorgeous touch,reducing fatigue while cleaning
Powerful motor in gorgeous coating
100000 RPM brushless DC motor
Like a "Tornado"
Marvelous 415W powered by a 100000 RPM brushless
DC motor,providing 110W penetrating suction power.
Brushless DC motor
Suction power
* Report NO.:QK18030701 According to:GB/T25441-2010
Cleaner Head with Closed-off Chamber
Better Grip Better Vacuums
Made of high quality soft nylon fiber,the built-in flannel roller brush is
specialized for wood floor tiles making a polished effect.
Multilevel Tornado Air Duct System
Classic 200000pa suction powered by multiple whirling tornado
duct System,with a low noise of 75dBA.1100L/min air volume
at max mode,taking away dust and particles easily.
200000 Pa
1100 L
Air Volume
* Report NO.:17111480-C According to:QB-T 1562-2014
All-through Cleaning Up
A Deep Cleaning for Your Floor
Designed ergonomically with the motor and battery, to ease off arm,at a 45°
angle while sweeping the floor.
Super suction backed by long battery
50 Minutes Deep Cleaning
Perfect for Apartments
2200mAH x 8 lithium batteries,up to 50 minutes'
runtime at the standard mode and 10 minutes in
tornado max mode for deep cleaning,with only
2.5h to full charge.
50 min
10 min
Report NO.:17111480
According to:GBT20291-2006
Multi Filtration Great
Suction without Blocking
Multi level Air purification system with primary
filtration and deep protect from dusts,hair and
allergens.Filtrates 99% dust,which can be
extremly 0.3 μm.Create a safe & clean living
Versatile & Protable
Corner gaps can be
easily handled
The long flat brush head is suitable for cleaning
various scenes such as cars, comers, gaps, etc.
ROIDMI lightweight body, to reduce the user's
cleaning burden, equipped with long flat tips, high
dust can also easily deal with.
* All data results from ROIDMI Cleaning R&D Lab.
And more ingenuity from chic design
Tangle Free&Easy Clean
Get Rid of Hair Mess
Creative designof comb and big round
rolling brush effectively prevents hairs
from being stuck,as with the air stream
which rushes hairs so quickly.
270° Flexible Head
Leaves No Cracks
The multi-angle flexible floor brush can
penetrate into any nooks such as corner
of wall,bed bottoms and so on.
Charging & Storage
Saves More Room
Magnetic mount for easy storage,can
be fixed on walls along with a charging
interface for convenience