Roidmi S1Handheld Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Lightweight with super powerful suction, makes cleaning more efficient

Long lasting battery up to 60 minutes

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  • 20000Pa
    Vacuum degree
  • 120AW
    Suction power
  • 60min
    Long lasting battery
  • 1.5kg(3.3pounds)
    Lightweight machine
  • 75dB(A)
    Low noise
  • No nail needed
    Magnetic attraction to store

I have award-winning design and lightweight control experience

Concise design, full of refined details

Roidmi Handheld Cordless Vacuum adopts a concise geometric design, provides nice visual experience when cleaning. Designed carefully considering every control details, one-push button is employed for easy and quick control.

Large handle design provides convenient and comfortable user experience

Designed with 270 degree large handle, helps to save effort when cleaning. With elegant pure white design, it incorporated with a powerful electric motor. Gentle appearance conceals its extraordinary interior.

1.5kg (3.3pounds) super lightweight design


The design idea is make the machine the lightest for better user experience, carefully considered every detail from structural layout to material selection, make sure its motor achieve powerful suction while maintain lightweight at the same time. Its lightweight design helps to reduce operating weight, provides user effortless control experience when cleaning.

*Data from ROIDMI Clean Power Laboratory

I clean thoroughly with no spot left

100,000rpm digital motor
Powerful suction like a tornado


Incorporated with 100,000rpm brushless DC motor, machine total power up to 415W, and effective suction power of 120AW, providing the vacuum cleaner with a durable yet powerful energy. The outstanding and reliable engineering design of the Roidmi vacuum guarantees the steadiness of its long-time operation, provides endless suction.

Digital Motor
Total Powerful
Suction Power

Multi-level cyclone air duct system

Multi-level cyclone duct system for dust collecting coordinates with high power brushless DC motor, guarantees powerful suction of the vacuum cleaner. The digital motor generates up to 18,5KPa centrifugal air pressure, effectively removes the dust on the ground. The operating noise is reduced to 75dB(A) utilizing multiple noise reduction optimization design, makes the user experience more quiet and comfortable.

Wind pressure
Wind volume
Low decibel

Powerful suction, Cleans effectively

The powerful suction generated by the strong wind of the vacuum cleaner, absorbs and cleans the dust on the ground or carpet efficiently.

Large roller brush
deals with complex ground environment

Rodimi cordless vacuum’s built-in roller brush equipped with an independent motor which generates powerful torque, cleans all sizes of dust, hair and even dirt stuck in the cracks of the floor. The unique assisted self-driven cleaning function makes it easier to clean the ground. Two types of roller brushes for different ground situations, cleans effectively with all complex environment.

Nylon velvet brush Carbon fiber brush

Anti-tangle brush teeth

Large roller brush’s smooth surface makes the hair nowhere to tangle. Under the inertia of the huge current, the hair is already sucked into the dust cup before it tangled up. With its innovative brush teeth design, it helps to reduce the tangling of the hair during high speed spinning.

I have powerful and enduring suction

Powerful and enduring suction

separate dust particles and cotton-shape waste to help with anti-clogging

With the optimized air duct system design, the air flows in quickly and smoothly. The centrifugal force helps to separate the dust particles and cotton shape waste efficiently and blocks them within the dust cup. The separation helps with anti-clogging of the filter, thus produces even longer-lasting powerful suction.

Three-layer filtration system
avoid blocking

The Three-layer filtration system is designed for better filtration performance. It filters the dust participles effectively and avoids blocking, thus produces long-lasting suction power. From intercepting the hair and dust, to filter dust and allergen, and finally expels with clean air, this Three-layer purification system helps to provide a cleaner home environment. The filtration system effectively absorbs small participles up to PM0.3 and provides purification rate up to 99%.

60 mintues long lasting battery
intelligent power management system

Adopts LG/Samsung lithium battery provides high power supply to the vacuum. With intelligent power management system ensures long-lasting time. The longest operating time is 60 minutes under standard mode with a cleaning area of 350 square meters (3800 square foot); whereas the longest operating time is 10 minutes under powerful mode for complex task.

standard mode
max mode

I have a wide range of uses

Soft woven nylon roller brush
helps to maintain wooden floor conditions

The soft woven nylon roller brush is specially designed for delicate clean of wooden floor and tiles. The soft nylon will also help to polishing the wooden floor while cleaning.

Carbon fiber brush
removes pet hair and deep-down dirt from the carpet

The carbon fiber brush is suitable for multiple and complex ground situation. It can capture and remove dirt and pet hair deep within the carpet. The carbon fiber brush is also suitable for cleaning wooden floor and tiles.

Electric anti-mite brush
removes invisible mites

Mites cause all kinds of skin diseases. The electric anti-mite brush employs the flexible nylon brush combined with rubber strip. With a built-in independent motor; it removes the mites, germs, hair, and dander from within the cotton fabrics and ensures a clean and safe home environment.

Removes dust and allergen in the car

The concentration of dust in the car is much higher than dust on the floor, the cordless vacuum cleaner is easy to carry, can removes the footprints and dirt on car interior fabrics. It also helps to clean the allergen at the same time and provides a safer in-car environment.

I have smart design for the details

Modular design- one key dismantling
meet more cleaning needs

Roidmi Handheld Cordless Vacuum Cleaner applied with modular design. The combinations of different elements are for different usages.

Good cleaning helper
never leave any corner

A multi-angle brush that rotates flexibly can reach small corners under sofa and bed.

LED photosensitive sensor light

The brush has a searchlight combined with a photosensitive sensor. Automatically bright the dark corner such as corners under sofa and bed and help clean the dust thoroughly.

Innovative designed magnetic holder
Charging and storing 2 in 1

The magnetic holder is designed to store Roidmi, it works together with the transparent wall sticker for complex wall surface. The charger is installed next to the holder and it helps to prevent the tangling while charging. Saves time and space.

Separated dust cup design
intelligent alert when the cup is full

One button cleaning: press the button at the bottom to remove the dust cup, open the tail cover easily, no need to touch the dust during the whole cleaning process. With double open design, it is more convenient to take down the inner structural part and clean it with water. It also has the automatic notification when the dust cup is full through the flashing light or APP notice.

Intelligently connect to apps
Automatic notification for abnormal situation

Roidmi S1 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner can connect to your phone through Bluetooth. With the Roidmi Intelligent Life APP, you can check the battery power, cleaning time, and receive alerts for cup cleaning and filter changing. The APP also tells you the calorie consumption index for doing the cleaning. You can also use the APP to upgrade the firmware of the vacuum to help you achieve the best cleaning experience.